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​​Auckland Council
It is your responsibility to apply for a Code Compliance Certificate​ (CCC), which will be issued if work is completed and complies with the building consent. The CCC is an assurance that building work was finished according to applicable standards and should be obtained before the building consent period expires otherwise you will need to apply and pay for an extension.

A house that has been built in accordance with the drawings approved in the building consent has a better chance of providing a healthy and safe environment for the people who will live in it. If you decide to sell the house, the CCC provides future owners with the assurance that the house was built to at least code standards. If the house is built by a residential property developer and will be sold immediately, the CCC needs to be approved before completing the sale. The certificate may also be required for insurance.

Resource consents may sometimes require ongoing compliance and monitoring since they are related to the impact of various activities on the land. This usually applies to bigger projects, however it is advisable to reread the consent conditions to check if any further activities are required and how often they should be carried out.
Coverage of the contract works insurance finishes after practical completion of the house, when the house is handed over by the builder to you. You should make sure insurance is transferred or a new policy is in place as soon as possible. Some insurance companies may not offer home insurance without a CCC or may place some restrictions on the coverage.​
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