​​​Handover documentation

In addition to explanations about how the house and its systems function, you should also receive a set of documents that will help you use and understand your house at the handover inspection. These documents will be helpful if you undertake future alterations or renovations. This set of documents should include:
  • as-built plans
  • specifications
  • supplier lists
  • equipment instructions
  • construction records
  • health and safety files
  • guarantees and warranties
  • energy work certificates
  • contact list (contractors and subcontractors)
  • final council sign-off in the form of Code Compliance Certificate.
An essential part of this documentation is the Building Owner’s Manual, which includes instructions for the house’s operation and maintenance, including landscape needs and provisions for demolition or deconstruction.
Certification documentation (if applicable)
Depending on the certification system you have pursued, you should receive design and building ratings, along with the documents that were submitted for certification (they might overlap with the ones mentioned above).​ Some schemes will only certify your building after it has been used for a set period of time. In this case, request design documentation and implement a monitoring and control system that will allow you to demonstrate compliance when that period is completed. ​​
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