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Design Outcome

Work with mana whenua to identify, protect and conservesites of cultural significance, including wahi tā​pu.

Incorporate appropriate interpretation, design items, or artworks which connect visitors with our Maori identity, heritage and culture.​

Understand and protect the landscape layers

The large scale landscapes typically founding landscape and amenity environments often contain vestiges of pre-European occupation. In many cases these features are unspoiled. They include pā, kā​inga, te ara and urupa. The unspoiled nature of these features makes them more important but more vulnerable than sites and places within urbanised landscapes.


To protect the landscape:

  • engage with mana whenua to understand if there is likely to be any occupation features within the landscape
  • understand the management strategies or any aspirations that mana whenua have for these features, and use that knowledge to inform design decisions.​

Better Design Practice

Rules of Thumb

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