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Design Outcome

Connect our parks to one another and to the surrounding neighbourhood. 

Develop greenways that connect our parks, streets and esplanade reserves to create a green movement network across Auckland and around the coast. Create or improve connections with surrounding transport networks, community facilities and local businesses. Use wayfinding signage to help people find their way.


Create a range of fun and interesting movement networks

Provide a variety of walkway options through these parks to encourage and enable everyone to experience different areas within the park. Wayfinding is a critical element that should be provided in order to encourage movement to features within and around the park.


Create interesting movement networks by:

  • using themed wayfinding signage
  • placing signage at intersections, with site maps located at larger intersections
  • providing as many tracks as possible
  • incorporating questions or interesting facts into signage, to encourage discussion and interaction between park users.‚Äč




Better Design Practice

Rules of Thumb

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