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Design Outcome

Connect people to the park and to each other. 

Create convenient and safe connections with surrounding cycle, walking and public transport networks which are easy to access and navigate. Make the park accessible for those with mobility and sensory impairments, where practical.  Carefully plan the layout and clustering of facilities, so that people can meet, socialise, and spend time together in the park.


Offer spaces for social gathering

People often travel long distances to enjoy these spaces, so the time they spend there tends to be longer. Many will visit for a whole day with friends or family groups and in some parks overnight camping is offered. Providing comfortable, functional social gathering spaces is important.


Do this by:

  • providing a variety of gathering options and locations, ensuring that most take advantage of the site's key attributes and views 
  • offering large and robust but movable picnic tables which can be dispersed for small groups or combined for larger groups
  • integrating barbecues where appropriate, consider the placement of these carefully.​

Better Design Practice

Rules of Thumb

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