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Design Outcome

​​(See also Section 4: Outdoor Spaces: Private Open Space Design Guidance)

Terraced houses should have a balcony, deck or ​​paved area (patio) directly accessible from the living or dining room that provides private access to the outdoors and an opportunity for outdoor passive recreation. This can also be a major source of daylight and natural ventilation for the unit via large opening glazed areas.

Better Design Practice

The deck or patio should be directly accessible from the living or dining area. Additional balconies, decks or terraces may be accessible from any other room. 

A balcony, deck or terrace space should be large enough so that the equivalent of two persons per bedroom can circulate, sit, eat or barbeque safely and comfortably. For houses of four bedrooms or more, these spaces should be able to accommodate six people. 

Balconies or patios should provide an area which can be screened to allow for clothes drying.

Rules of Thumb

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