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Design Outcome

Subdivisions contain a range of lot sizes, types and shapes as not all lots are suitable for all development types, and not all development types suit all land conditions.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Planning for flexibility will save time and money, and ​may increase the value of lots if they are seen to have additional entitlements such as more height, site coverage, or development opportunities beyond what is provided for in the Unitary Plan.​​​

Better Design Practice

  • Future built form should be carefully considered during subdivision design, including the location and design of a building platform, residential type (e.g. terraced or detached housing), the future provision of private outdoor spaces and vehicle access and turning areas. 
  • Provide special development entitlements or requirements for key lots on corners, intersections or other prominent locations. These can include bonuses such as additional height, or special development expectations and limitations, e.g. a particular building shape or form. These can be identified at the time of the subdivision and be attached to titles by way of consent notices.
  • Provide front boundary treatments such as fences and landscaping as part of the subdivision and street development stage. This will help develop a logical and high quality street, and add value to lots by improving their presentation.​

Rules of Thumb

1. The building platform for lots below 600m² should be approximately 30 per cent of the site.

2. The building platform for lots above 600m² should be approximately 200m² .

3. Building platforms should be flat or clearly identified if they need future earthworks.

4. Building platforms should not encroach on any protected vegetation, habitat or natural feature, or on any vehicle access or turning area.

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