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​​​​Unfortunately the subdivision process is often separated from the design and development of the buildings that follow. 

However, a subdivision's design creates multiple parameters that subsequent buildings must respond to.  Therefore, considering implications on the development's built form is imperative.  This section presents guidance on how to carefully design and locate building platforms and areas of private outdoor space and how to protect opportunities to ensure development will achieve the vision held at the initial subdivision design stage.

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The contents list and design outcomes for the whole of this section are listed below.  Each sub heading highlights a separate webpage that can be accessed by clicking on the menu located to the left of this introduction.

Site development and considerations

Design Outcome

Subdivisions contain a range of lot sizes, types and shapes as not all lots are suitable for all development types, and not all development types suit all land conditions.

Locking in the vision

Design Outcome

Subdivisions provide for the quality of development to be maintained over time.

Better Design Practice

Rules of Thumb

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