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Design Outcomes


New houses consider the neighbour’s views, privacy and access to sunlight


New housing makes a positive contribution to the wider neighbourhood

​​​​​​​​​Good design practice is to consider how the development looks from outside the site, and to consider the impact it has on neighbours.

Better Design Practice

Analyse the existing and historical development patterns and architecture.
This will determine any appropriate cues or narratives for new development (Whakapapa).
Look at where the neighbour's house, windows and private back yard are located.
Plan the house and open spaces around the building to maximise the privacy and access to sunlight for everyone.  Existing trees and vegetation may provide a valuable service by blocking views between sites.

Minimise the height of any retaining on the boundary.
Where necessary consider the design of the fence that will go along the top. Retaining walls with fences at their top edge, particularly on or near a boundary are often highly visible, and can create overshadowing a nd overlooking issues.

Consider fencing options.
A close boarded fence may not be needed for privacy, and an open fence will let through more sun. 

​​If the fence is on a retaining wall, it will not need to be a full 1.8m high to provide privacy. 

Planting might be used to soften the effect of the fence and wall. 

Rules of Thumb

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