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These are relatively inexpensive to build, as they are usually small and simple, use the existing driveway and can retain the existing house on site, which can protect its character. Accessory dwellings also extend the choice of housing types available, and may provide for extended family living. They may be built over a garage which makes for efficient use of the site.


Accessory dwellings are limited in their potential as a house type to provide for significant residential growth and can, particularly if built above an existing garage or structure, lead to overlooking of rear yards.

Design considerations​

Locate and design accessory dwellings to maintain good quality private open space behind the existing house.

Orientate windows to ensure overlooking into neighbouring yards is minimised. If the rear section is small, consider single storey development to avoid overlooking of neighbouring properties.

Ensure the house overlooks the driveway, has a clearly defined and visible front door and clear access.

Locate the accessory dwelling and plan the site to ensure both the main and accessory dwelling have access to good quality outdoor living areas. These might relate to a shared courtyard/outdoor space.

Better Design Practice

Rules of Thumb

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