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Design Outcome

​Good design ensures that a house is positioned to make the most of the sun and views, and to have privacy and protection from noise, while making sure that the same qualities are not compromised for neighbouring properties.

This section provides guidance on how houses should be located on a site and how to get the most from the spaces around them.

Section contents

The contents list and design outcomes for the whole of this section are listed below.  Each sub heading highlights a separate webpage that can be accessed by clicking on the menu located to the left of this introduction.  

The spaces around the house

Design outcome

  • The house is located and designed to create quality private open spaces.
  • Private open spaces are clearly defined and differentiated from publicly accessible spaces.
  • There is convenient and safe access to the house.

Privacy and outlook 

Design outcome

  • Access to views, sun and good quality private open space is maximised while the neighbours' rights to the same qualities are respected.

Designing for the sun

Design outcome

  • The house is comfortably heated and cooled by natural means.

Types of house

Design outcome

  • The house takes advantage of the opportunities offered by the site, and fits well with the needs and expectations of its occupants.

There are four main types of detached house. These are:

Zero lot house
Courtyard house
Accessory dwelling
Extended family housing

Better Design Practice

Rules of Thumb

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