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Design Outcome

Design Checklist

  1. ​The landscape design of the new development reflects the valued character of the neighbourhood​


​​Creating a ‘sense of place’, or areas that are distinctive and have their own character, is a common aspiration but is often hard to achieve. Responding to the landscape and natural features of an area are an effective way of reflecting its character.

When planning large-scale new developments, make sure to retain some mature trees, or leave room for large trees to grow, to avoid negatively impacting the wider character of an area.​

Better Design Practice

Integrate existing positive and valued landscape themes that characterise the neighbourhood to help integrate a new development into the area.​
Focus on using native planting that is common to the area and protect mature trees where possible. Use hard landscaping elements that are characteristic of the area. ​

Rules of Thumb

Provide enough space on site for at least one large tree which, when mature, will be visible above the roofline of the building.​
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