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This section looks at aspects of building design that will contribute to a better mixed use development. Whilst many aspects of mixed use building design are the same as they would be for single use buildings, particular thought needs to be given to successfully mixing uses.

Choosing the right building type will depend on the site, zoning and immediate context. Buildings in town centres will generally be required to have retail or commercial uses on the ground floor where they front public spaces. In other areas it may be appropriate to have residential uses at ground level, ​but these must be carefully designed to balance overlooking of the street with privacy for the occupants. 

Changing uses at the ground level should also be considered – for example designing for privacy (such as raising ground level residential units above street level) can make it extremely difficult to change the street front spaces for retail or commercial uses at a later date.​

This section also covers building form, access and performance, all of which are important elements for creating a successful mixed use development that responds positively to its context.​​

Better Design Practice

Rules of Thumb

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