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Design Outcome

Desi​gn Checklist

  1. Planting and landscaping at the street edge enhances streetscape character while also contributing to privacy and screening where necessary​


Landscaping at the street edge can be thought of as a design element that can provide character, define space or provide a buffer between spaces.


Better Design Practice

​If street edge activity and transparency is required consider:
  • having no soft landscaping.
  • providing low planting areas.
  • providing trees with canopies maintained above eye level.

If a buffer zone between street and private open space is required consider:
  • employing a semi visually permeable hedge, or
  • an area of low planting deep enough to provide sufficient separation for privacy.

Contribute to streetscape character and the amenity of the public domain by:
  • relating landscape design to the desired proportions and character of the streetscape.
  • using planting and landscaping elements appropriate to the scale of the development – for example to visually soften or break up the bulk of large blocks from the street.

Rules of Thumb

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