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Design Outcome

To create a quality mixed use development, the site design and placement of the building(s) should be completed together. This approach will lead to a coherent development with good quality buildings and open spaces, and with a consistent character and distinctive identity.​

A well-designed mixed use development responds and contributes positively to its natural and built environment. To achieve this, developers should have a detailed understanding of the existing site conditions and wider area. Producing a Design Statement is a very effective way to uncover this information. 

Design Statements​ are described in detail on the Design Statements Hub​. They are internationally recognised as a  best practice tool for complex developments, including mixed use developments. A Design Statement helps to document the existing conditions and show how the final design proposal will respond to them.  

This section provides guidance on how to respond to the existing site conditions and context.  You may also find this section a useful reference for developing your own design statement.

Better Design Practice

Rules of Thumb

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