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Design Outcome

​​​​​​​​​​​​Design Checklist​

  • Pedestrian, bike and vehicle access and parking are integrated with the design of the development thereby reducing conflict between users and providing universal access
  • Bicycle parking is provided on the street for short term visitors and in secure parking for the long term users of the mixed use development
  • Pedestrian, cycle and vehicle entries are convenient and well connected to local networks


A well-designed site entrance acts as an orientation point within the development allowing people to move easily to their destination. The appropriate siting and design of car parking is also an integral part of all mixed use developments. (Please refer to Accomodating Cars within this guidance).

In general, the design of access and parking should consider:
  • universal access
  • vehicle access for service delivery and waste disposal
  • bicycle parking

Better Design Practice

Design pedestrian entrances so that they have a direct relationship with the street.​

​​Entrances should be clearly defined and visible from the street to aid orientation.​​​

Entrances should integrate with vehicle pick-up/drop-off points and parking.

Provide a positive arrival sequence for all users.​

For more information on the design of parking, please refer to Accomodating Cars​ within this Mixed Use guide.

Rules of Thumb

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