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Design Outcome

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Design Checklist​

  1. ​​The development offers adequate storage space for occupants


Additional storage space can be offered outside of the individual apartment in the form of lockers, cages or storerooms. A common design solution is to allocate a portion of the parking area to storage.

Better Design Practice

Create dedicated storage areas 

Allocate storage space outside of units to raise the value and appeal of a development to potential buyers and tenants.
  • Spaces within basement areas are often underutilised; storage areas can be a practical way of making use of this ‘dead’ space.
  • Where space permits, consider providing separate storage locker areas or cages for individual occupant use.
  • It is important to ensure easy access to storage facilities and to allow manoeuvring room and access clearance for the oversize items that are likely to be stored there.

Adjoin storage facilities to car parking areas

​​Storage lockers can be provided adjacent to and associated with a resident’s car parking space. This allows residents to easily transfer belongings between their vehicle and their storage space.
  • Any storage space provided in the car park area needs to be secure and dry.
  • A space efficient solution might be to utilise the area above the bonnet of a parked car for storage. Careful planning is required to ensure parking spaces are still able to accommodate a range of different vehicle shapes.

Rules of Thumb

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