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Design Outcome

‘Undercroft’ is a term used to describe unenclosed parking that occupies the area below the footprint of a building or plaza.

Undercroft parking is especially suited to sites with sloping topography where the rear side of the site is on the downward slope and parking can be concealed below ground level, minimising the impact on the street.

Where undercroft parking is used, it should not be provided immediately adjacent to streets and other public areas; instead, parking adjacent to these areas should be sleeved with active edges (e.g. retail, office or apartments) facing onto streets, lanes or open space.
Neighbourhood guidance

​Undercroft car parking should be considered in low to medium density areas.​

Site guidance​

Undercroft car parking is especially suited to sloping sites. Locate vehicle entrance ramps to undercroft parking so that disruption to traffic, cyclists and pedestrians is kept to a minimum i.e. via a side street rather than a main road.​


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Rules of Thumb

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