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Design Outcome

Multi-storeyed sleeved parking is parking that occupies multiple levels with part or all of the external edges having active uses such as office or residential units.
Sleeved parking solutions conceal parking from public view and make best use of outlook by locating habitable/occupied space on the perimeter of the building.

Sleeved parking is suitable for larger sites as it takes a significant area to accommodate parking bays, aisles and ramping wrapped with a usable depth of office or apartments.

Neighbourhood guidance

Sleeved parking can be suitable in built-up urban sites, or in lower density sites where built form permits.

Site guidance

  • When sleeving with residential uses, sleeve north, east and west elevations so that residential units have good access to light and sun. 
  • Ensure the provision of a quality facade treatment for unsleeved areas visible from the public realm.
  • Ensure vehicle access and ramping do not adversely affect the street frontage and pedestrian realm.


Better Design Practice

Rules of Thumb

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