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Design Outcome

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Design Checklist

  1. Parking areas are well lit and create a safe environment for pedestrians and drivers.
  2. Lighting is used in an appealing and creative manner without creating undue light pollution.


​​​​​Adequate lighting in parking areas will aid driver navigation, ​​ensure pedestrian safety and enhance the space’s aesthetic appeal. Use lighting to clever advantage in conjunction with signage and wayfinding solutions.

Parking areas which are well lit, and where lighting has been employed in a creative manner, make people feel safe and will encourage them to return.​

Better Design Practice

Ensure parking areas are well lit to improve safety and assist navigation​
  • Lighting should be used to clearly demarcate entrances and exits.
  • Lighting design should ensure there are no unlit areas which could conceal a person or require a person to be unseen when accessing their vehicle. Lighting should achieve an even spread of light.
  • Floodlighting of surface parking areas is important for user safety, both to assist navigation and crime prevention.​

​​Ensure lighting doesn’t inadvertently cause a nuisance to occupants​
  • Where surface parking areas are adjacent to habitable rooms, consideration should be given to limiting light pollution or ‘spill’ that could cause a nuisance to occupants.
  • Lighting designers can be engaged to provide creative design solutions for specific projects.
  • Bollard lighting is a useful alternative to pole lighting and can be used as feature lighting or for wayfinding in residential areas where it is preferable to avoid ‘up’-lighting.

Employ creative lighting design​​
  • ‘Up’-lighting wall surfaces and trees can create appealing lighting effects.
  • Lighting designers can be engaged to provide creative design solutions for specific projects.​

Rules of Thumb

Interior lighting of multistorey parking should be carefully considered from a viewpoint at ground level looking up. It is often the least considered element of a car park but at night is one of the most crucial design elements.​
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