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Design Outcome

​​​​​​​​​​​Design Checklist​

  1. Bicycle parking or storage is easily accessible to users of the site
  2. Bicycle storage is secure and dry
  3. Lockers and changing facilities are conveniently located for cyclists


Providing ample bicycle parking can help lower car dependence and reduce the need to provide car parking spaces, which has the potential to introduce a significant cost saving to the project. 

Cycling also offers health benefits to occupants and helps reduce traffic congestion. Catering to these types of benefits can add value to a project.

Better Design Practice

Provide easily accessible bicycle storage with ample parking spaces
Bicycle parking should be considered early in the design process, as the space needed to accommodate bicycles can be significant. As a rule bicycle parking should be at least as easy to access as vehicle parking.

Support cycling through the provision of cycling facilities
  • Provide attractive, well maintained changing rooms, showers and lockers. Locate shower and locker room facilities somewhere between cycle storage areas and offices to avoid forcing cyclists to cross or enter workspaces while still in cycle gear, wet or unshowered.
  • Consider providing an air pump or emergency parts vending to support cycling needs.
  • Ebikes and scooters are a rapidly growing form of transport. Consider supplying powerpoints in suitable bicycle parking areas to allow for charging.

How much cycle parking?
  • As much as possible! For office or commercial tenants, consider conducting a quick workplace survey to find out how many staff commute by bike. If possible allow for 50% more to accommodate future growth.​
  • For additional detail around the provision of cycle facilities, refer to this useful guide.

Consider the trade-offs cycling can offer

  • If cycling is sufficiently catered for - this can provide a much more cost effective alternative to building car park spaces.
  • Cycling can be marketed to potential buyers as an attractive and affordable alternative lifestyle package.

Rules of Thumb

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