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Design Outcome

​​A car park needs to be designed as more than just a storage space for cars. Equal consideration needs to be given to access to and from the car park, and the routes through it, both for vehicles and pedestrians.

Car parks concentrate a large number of vehicles in one space and it is important to keep the movement of these vehicles flowing smoothly to avoid congestion within the car park. Alerting and informing drivers through clear signage will help them arrive and depart without confusion.​

Having parked their car, these drivers then become pedestrians who find themselves in an environment dedicated to the storage and distribution of vehicles. It is important that this environment also provides safe and convenient access for pedestrians. Access needs to be clear, direct and logical. Legible routes to and from the car save time and improve the safety of car park users.

Achieving a well performing car park need not be a routine exercise - imaginative use of colour and lighting can transform a car park into an interesting space.


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