Energy efficiency - space heating and cooling and use of solar energy Print

Design Outcome

Desi​gn Checklist​

  1. Optimise heat storage in winter and heat transfer in summer by incorporating passive solar design techniques​

Better Design Practice

Design techniques include:

  • ​Maximising the thermal mass of floors and walls in north facing rooms.

  • Avoiding single aspect apartments with a southerly aspect (from southwest to southeast).

  • Including areas (either private or common) for clothes to be dried by natural ventilation.

  • Optimising daylight access and natural ventilation, to reduce the need for energy reliant alternatives.

  • Choosing materials and colours that reflect or absorb radiant heat where appropriate.

Use solar panels to harness solar energy for water heating or electricity generation.

Allow for the installation of panels by:

  • ​Designing the roof for optimal mounting.

  • Locating trees to avoid the shading of existing or planned solar panel installations.

  • Including the necessary wiring and plumbing at the construction stage to allow for future solar hot water.

Rules of Thumb

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