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Design Outcome

Desi​gn Checklist​

  1. Design the building envelope to ensure a healthy and comfortable environment inside the building

Better Design Practice

Ways of achieving this include:

  • ​providing sufficient daylight access.

  • allowing controllable natural ventilation through the use of adjustable vents or operable windows.

  • insulating walls, floors and ceilings above minimum standards in order to reduce long-term heating and cooling costs.

  • draught-proofing around external openings to reduce heat loss.

  • double-glazing external windows and doors to improve the acoustic and thermal performance of the envelope.

  • providing an accessible connection for all residents to their private open space (see Private outdoor space).

  • reducing apartment depth to provide more solar access and minimise the number of internal rooms that do not receive sunlight (see Apartment layout).

Rules of Thumb

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