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Design Outcome

Desi​gn Checklist

  1. Car parking location and design are successfully integrated into the design of the apartment building, the overall site design and the design of the street 
  2. The building maximises opportunities for the active use of street frontages, not for vehicle access
  3. The development provides appropriate car parking without compromising street character, landscape quality or pedestrian amenity and safety
​​​Car parking can have a significant impact on the quality of a residential development, particularly on the appearance and amenity of open spaces. 

Poorly arranged parking can overwhelm the best design intentions.

How parking is accommodated should be considered within the local context and with residents’ expectations for a quality environment. The amount of parking should be influenced by the proximity to public transport facilities, services and recreational facilities.

In general below ground or other forms of parking should be considered before surface parking.

Better Design Practice

Buildings should provide active street frontages and contribute positively to the street. 

Car parking should never face directly onto the street and should be either above the street (above the first two stories), behind the street or below the street.
Ensure that the design of the development mitigates any negative impact from parking on the streetscape and street amenity by:
  • avoiding exposed parking on the street frontage
  • ‘wrapping’ the car parks with other uses such as retail or apartments along street edges
  • concealing car parking behind the building facade, and ensuring wall openings are designed with respect to the scale and detailing of the facade​
  • ​avoiding blank street edges where multi-storey and undercroft parking at ground level is proposed. 
Within communal parking areas, locate wheelchair user parking bays at apartment building entrances or access cores.

Give preference to basement or undercroft parking whenever possible, particularly on sloping sites. 
  • Undercroft parking should not be more than 1.2m above ground level
  • Facilitate natural ventilation to the basement and undercroft car parking areas where possible
  • Integrate ventilation grilles and screening of car park openings into the façade design and landscape design of the development
  • Consider using the surface of a parking podium as landscaped open space
  • Provide safe and secure access to parking areas for building users
  • Provide a logical and efficient structural grid that works for structured car parking widths
  • Provide bicycle parking that is secure, weatherproof, and easily accessible from ground level and from apartments

Rules of Thumb

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