Waste: Solid Waste Calculator

The solid waste calculator provides designers, developers and those that need to know with a useful guide to help determine waste provisions for multi-unit developments. 

The goal is to help Auckland achieve better operational waste management for multi-unit developments. It can be used for both new build or refurbishment residential projects, as well as mixed-use projects that incorporate commercial uses such as cafés and retail units. Often waste management is left until late in the design process, or even worse,  upon completion of construction.  This limits opportunities for flexibility and innovation, and can lead to complicated, inefficient and expensive solutions 'bolted on' to the project. 

How does it work?

The calculator uses an excel spreadseet to gather basic information, and is based on Auckland City's Developer Guideline figure of 60L of combined waste per person per week. 

The calculator should be used early in the design process, asking key questions such as; 
  • What sized bins will be used? 
  • How frequent will collection be?  
  • Where will the bins be collected from? 
  • Will the collection vehicle need to come on site? 
  • Who will be responsible for managing the bins and the storage area? 
These questions are organised into three tabs, and once completed the tool will calculate the size of room required to store the number of bins needed to service the building on the proposed collection frequency. 

Users can adjust bin sizes and collection frequency to understand the impacts on bin storage requirements. This is particularly useful for retrofitting work whereby a waste room might already be available so the user can use the tool to determine what collection requirements would be needed to service their proposed changes whilst still using the existing storage space. 

Alternatively for those developers who don't know how to approach waste, the tool guides them to the end point; appropriate storage, access and management of waste.

Integrating into the consenting process
The tool also includes an extremely useful feature of automatically populating a dedicate waste management and minimisation plan tab for your project.  This tab is designed so that it can be printed for submission with the resource consent application.

You can download the tool by clicking on the button below.