1. undercroft parking

    Car parking provided under a structure where the level of parking is often ½ a storey below the ground level. This has the consequence of the main floor being ½ a level above the adjacent ground level.

  2. unitary plan

    The Unitary Plan is Auckland Council’s regulatory land-use planning document and prepared under the Resource Management Act 1991. The Unitary Plan will replace the existing district and some regional plans from the former city, district and regional councils. It will contain guidance and rules about how land can be developed and how resources can be used.

  3. universal design

    An approach to design that considers people at all life stages and potential scenarios- please see Design Thinking/Universal Design Hub for more information.

  4. urban

    Pertaining to a town or city; the converse of Rural.

  5. urban design

    Design of the urban environment.

  6. urban grain

    The size of buildings and sites, patterns of arrangement, and the degree to which an area’s street blocks and street junctions are small and frequent, or large and infrequent.

  7. urupā


  8. utilities

    Includes, but is not limited to, structures and infrastructure for telecommunications, energy generation and transmission, oil and gas production and distribution, sewerage provision, water supply and flood control, roads and airstrips, hydrological and weather stations, and that provide for their delivery to the people in the community.