1. taiao

    Based on Te Aranga principles, the natural environment is protected, restored and / or enhanced. It is also a term used to describe a hoslistic environment, or eco-system.

  2. takiwā


  3. takutai moana

    Foreshore and seabed

  4. tamariki


  5. tangata


  6. tangata whenua

    Indigenous people of the land.

  7. taonga

    A natural resource or object which is highly prized. In the form of a man-made object, the object carries the mauri of the maker.

  8. tapu

    Sacred, sanction

  9. tauiwi

    Non-Māori New Zealanders.

  10. taurahere

    Urban Māori group with connections to their traditional homelands.

  11. tautoko


  12. te āo māori

    The Māori world

  13. terraced house

    One of a row of at least three houses, all joined by their side walls.

  14. texture

    An architectural and landscape architecture term that suggest a contrasting and rougher surface treatment to a wall or a ground plane. Texture may include using a range different building materials on a façade or a variety of planting within an area.

  15. thermal bridging

    Thermal bridging refers to the ways heat can leak through building elements. This happens where thermally conductive materials connect the inside with the outside.

  16. tikanga

    The act of interpreting and practising Māori knowledge

  17. tirohanga

    View, sight, aspect

  18. tohu

    Based on Te Aranga princilpes, Mana whenua significant sites and cultural landmarks are acknowledged​

  19. tohunga mahi toi

    Expert Māori artists and designers

  20. tohunga raranga

    Master Weaver

  21. tono


  22. transition zone

    The area between habitats or ecosystems. Frequently, transition zone is used to refer to the area between uplands and wetlands. In other cases, wetlands are referred to as transitional areas between uplands and aquatic ecosystems

  23. transitional space

    An area that provides an intermediary condition between two other places. Examples include a front garden being the transition between a street and a building, or a wind lobby being a transition between a foyer and a street.

  24. tupuna / tīpuna


  25. tūrangawaewae

    A place where one has the rights to stand - place where one has rights of residence and belonging through kinship and whakapapa.