1. open space

    The term ‘open space’ covers green space consisting of any vegetated land or structure, water or geological feature in an urban area and civic space consisting of squares, market places and other paved or hard landscaped areas with a civic function.

  2. operations & maintenance

    Operations refer to how equipment or systems are run, eg., when a system should be turned on, temperature ranges, set points for boiler pressures and temperatures, thermostat set points, etc. Maintenance refers to servicing or repair of equipment and systems. Preventive maintenance performed on a periodic or schedule basis to ensure optimum life and performance is designed to prevent breakdown and unanticipated loss of production or performance. Corrective or unscheduled maintenance refers to repairs on a system to bring it back online. Predictive maintenance is performed on equipment to monitor for signs of wear or degradation, e.g., through thermography, oil analysis, vibration analysis, maintenance history evaluation.

  3. orangatanga

    Health and well-being