1. mahi ārahi


  2. mahi toi

    Iwi/hapū narratives are captured and expressed creatively and appropriately

  3. mahinga kai

    Food gathering areas

  4. mana

    Interpreted within the context of Te Aranga principles, to mean that the status of iwi and hapū as mana whenua is recognised and respected​​

  5. mana whakahaere

    Access, admission

  6. mana whenua

    Authority over land and natural resources.

  7. manākitanga

    The ethic of reciprocity.

  8. manu aute

    Māori kite

  9. manuhiri


  10. māra kai

    Community garden

  11. marae

    Gathering place

  12. marae ātea


  13. massing

    The combined effect of the arrangement, volume and shape of a building or group of buildings.

  14. masterplan

    A detailed plan for a defined area, e.g. a centre or a new urban development. It involves the integration of all elements (including social, cultural, economic and environmental considerations) into one overall design and can include the final expected physical form of the buildings and spaces within.

  15. mataawaka

    Māori living within a rohe who are not in a mana whenua group

  16. mātaitai

    A marine-based customary food gathering area

  17. mātauranga

    Māori knowledge

  18. mātauranga māori

    Māori traditional knowledge.

  19. maunga


  20. mauri

    The innate life force and unique potential of all things animate and inanimate, capacity to support life, the link between the physical and spiritual world.

  21. mauri-ora

    Ultimate health and well-being

  22. mauritanga

    The act of maintaining or enhancing mauri.

  23. mixed-use development

    A mixture of activities such as residential, business, retail, or hospitality that occupy space within the same building or within the same street block or area (i.e. an apartment building with shops, cafes, and offices on the lower floors, or a town centre with these activities).

  24. moana

    Sea, ocean

  25. modulation

    An architectural technique to vary or change a façade to make it appear as a collection of smaller components.

  26. mono-tone

    The use of materials and/or paint to give a uniform tone or colour to a building or surface.

  27. motu