1. habitat

    The environment within which a particular species or group of species lives. It includes the physical and biotic characteristics that are relevant to the species concerned.

  2. harakeke

    New Zealand Flax

  3. hau kainga

    Home people

  4. haukāinga

    True home

  5. hauora


  6. he taonga te tono

    'An invitation is to be treasured'

  7. heru

    Traditional ornamental comb

  8. hikoi

    Walk, Cultural landscape site-visits

  9. historic heritage

    Natural and physical resources that contribute to an understanding and appreciation of New Zealand’s history and cultures, deriving from any of the following qualities: archaeological, architectural, cultural, historic, scientific, technological and includes; historic sites, structures, places, and areas, and archaeological sites; and sites of significance to Māori, including wāhitapu; and surroundings associated with the natural and physical resources”. Definition is from the Resource Management Act (RMA),1991 s2.

  10. historic place

    i) Any land (including an archaeological site); or ii) Any building or structure (including part of a building or structure); or iii) Any combination of (i) and (ii) - that forms part of the historical and cultural heritage of New Zealand and lies within the territorial limits of New Zealand; and (b) includes anything that is in or fixed to such land (section 2, Historic Places Act 1993).

  11. historic resource

    Means an historic place within the meaning of the Historic Places Act 1993, and includes any interest in a historic resource (section 2, Conservation Act 1987).

  12. historical and cultural heritage

    Any building or other structure, archaeological site, natural feature, wāhitapu, or object, associated with people, traditions, events or ideas, which contributes to an understanding of New Zealand’s history and cultures.

  13. hui


  14. human scale

    The size of a building, space, or constituent parts, relative to the physical size of a person, so that they feel comfortable rather than overwhelmed in those surroundings.

  15. hydrology

    The science dealing with the properties, distribution, and circulation of water.