1. genetic diversity

    Variation in the genetic makeup of populations or species.

  2. geotextile

    A fabric manufactured from synthetic fiber that is designed to achieve specific engineering objectives, including seepage control, media separation (eg. between sand and soil), filtration, or the protection of other construction elements such as geomembranes.

  3. grading

    Initial clearing, brushing or grubbing, subsequent excavating or filling of earth, stockpiling, terracing, road building, levelling and bulldozing on any property.

  4. green network

    The system of green spaces within the urban area and links between them, from the inner city through to suburbs and out into the open countryside.

  5. green roof

    Vegetated roof covers, with growing media and plants taking the place of bare membrane, gravel ballast, shingles or tiles. The number of layers and the layer placement vary from system to system and green roof type, but include a waterproofing layer, drainage, growing media and plants.

  6. greenfield

    Land identified or used for urban development (residential, business or industrial) that has not been previously used for that purpose.