1. ecological connectivity

    The maintenance of a connected system of open space throughout an ecosystem. Not only is a contiguous line of open space maintained, but also specific natural systems are kept intact. Ecological connectivity relies on maintaining ecotones, the linkages between different ecological regions.

  2. ecological function

    The natural processes within an ecosystem that support life, e.g. the movement of water.

  3. eco-sourced plants

    Plants grown from locally sourced seeds.

  4. ecosystem

    A biological system comprising a community of living organisms and its associated non-living environment, interacting as an ecological unit but connected to other ecosystems and ecological communities.

  5. ecosystem services

    A wide range of conditions and processes through which natural ecosystems, and the species that are part of them, help sustain and fulfil life.

  6. endemic

    A species which is native to, as well as restricted to, a particular natural area.

  7. extended family house

    A large house that provides for multiple family groups and offers flexable living arrangements.