Construction drawings
It is the designer’s responsibility to update the detailed design documentation and produce a final set of drawings that are fully coordinated and adjusted to comply with council regulations. These will serve as the main reference documents during construction so should have adequate detail, dimensions, and be manageable and readable on site.
Contract for construction works
This legally binding document seals a working partnership between you and the builder. It should include the following documents and any additional documents containing information useful to the builder:
  • a full description of the work, including materials and products to be used
  • a statement assuming responsibility for building work that is compliant with Building Code requirements
  • dates when the work will start and be completed
  • warranties and guarantees detailing what is covered and for how long.
  • information about how any disputes will be resolved
  • a clear payment schedule with conditions and timings for money to be disbursed
  • a definition of what is considered practical completion.
Construction schedule
A detailed construction schedule with completion dates for main the main activities of the project should be submitted by the builder and agreed by all the parties. This document allows coordination between the tasks being carried out and the equipment, materials and labour needed for them. It should also include key council inspections. ​
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