​​​​​​During this stage, designers translate the ideas and requirements captured in the Design Brief into the first drawings of what your house could look like, otherwise known as ‘concept designs’. Different concepts are explored until you agree on a preferred option that will be developed in subsequent stages.

Check out this webisode by Architect Barry Berku​​s, and find out how architects develop their concept designs. 
How concept design contributes to your project objectives
In this stage a range of conceptual solutions that both achieve the requirements of your Design Brief and work within any constraints will be presented to you. Assessing the different directions your design could take at this stage will allow you to identify what you like and don’t like from each one. Your preferred concept will then be further developed using drawings, images and possibly 3D models which will show how the house will look on the site. 

Important information and knowledge will be gathered by designers in this process, which should be added to your Design Brief to ensure the design adheres to your original aspirations and requirements.​ It is a good idea to record why you picked your preferred​ option for future reference.​
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