​​​Sale and Purchase Agreement

This document has legal implications and contains agreed terms and conditions for purchasing the land. There are comprehensive standard forms created by the Auckland District Law Society​ and Real Estate Institute of New Zealand that are available to purchasers. It is recommended that you appoint real estate agents and lawyers to check agreements before they are signed. 
Geotechnical report
A chartered professional geotechnical engineer can be engaged to produce a report that identifies possible stability issues and the presence of soft layers in the site’s soil. In order to take samples, holes need to be drilled on site. Results from this report indicate the best option for laying foundations and might suggest stability measures appropriate to the soil quality. These factors have important economic implications during construction and it is important to take them into account before finalising the purchase.

The report may also be necessary for resource consent applications if the project involves earthworks or subdivision, and for building consent applications to ensure the proposed development proceeds without stability issues.​
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