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After the building consent has been issued, the council will determine key moments in the construction process when approval is required before works can continue. These building inspections do not check the quality of the work beyond compliance with the Building Code, but are a check for basic durability, weathertightness, and health and safety. They do not ensure a level of quality or finish that you may expect for your home, and should not be a replacement for other quality checks and standards in the contract. It is important to include the council inspections in the programme of works, and ensure they are successfully completed before moving on.

If resource consents have been submitted, check for additional inspections that may be required and plan for them in the project schedule.
Prior to the start of construction, the main contractor should obtain a Contract Works Policy to cover the full replacement value of the project. This will protect the project from hazards like fire and malicious damage. The insurance will also be needed for the bank to release any funds.​
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