Zavos Corner


Zavos Corner is an apartment development located in the Wellington suburb of Mt Victoria, on the fringe of its city centre. The development maximises the number of units on a relatively small site, delivering livable, sunny and private living spaces for residents. Its unique design enhances the character of the local area and defines a prominent corner site. 

Project Summary

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The development is located on the site of a former pre-1935 villa, whose original form had been obscured by multiple renovations. Located less than 10 minutes from Wellington’s city centre, the site was considered a prime location for a medium-density development in a city seeking accommodation solutions for its projected population growth.

The development fits eight apartments, a total of 16 bedrooms, on a site formerly occupied by a single detached house. The design of the development playfully responds to its heritage context, with the building’s roofline and material choice paying homage to the older homes in the area.​