The Block, on St Johns Road


Five dated and dilapidated leaky houses from the 1980s are refurbished into energy-efficient, high-performing and modern homes.

Project Summary

​This impressive refurbishment involved the transformation of five medium-sized detached houses into contemporary homes. Delivered by Context Architects, the project was the subject of the television series “The Block” (Series 5, 2016).​

Changes run more than skin deep, with sustainability woven into all aspects of the project. From solar panels and electric car charging points, to grey water recycling and the use of sustainable, durable materials - these homes are exemplars of sustainable design.

While the external transformation of the buildings is the most striking aspect of the project, look a little closer and you'll see that clever landscaping plays a subtle but equally important role. Functional outdoor spaces have been created to give the site a sense of openess and community. At the same time, the design offers high levels of privacy for the occupants and subtle boundaries between houses have been created through the use of low retaining walls, pergolas, fencing and native planting.​