Long Bay, North Shore, Auckland


Long Bay provides an exemplary case study of how to develop streets within  a new green-field neighbourhood that respond to the natural context and create attractive residential environments.

Long Bay is a large master planned urban extension to Auckland’s North Shore. It combines the development of a new community with an environmentally responsive approach to building in a sensitive and special environment.

Project Summary

​Long Bay encompasses 162 ha and includes a village centre, 2500 houses and 28 ha of parks and areas given over to heritage protection. The development also has direct access to two existing schools. The site is part of a sensitive and valued natural landscape which includes the Long Bay Regional Park, and the wider Long Bay – Okura Marine Reserve. The coastline and beach form the eastern edge of the development. The site is bisected by Vaughan's Creek, and the Awaruku Stream forms the boundary between the new community and the existing Tor Bay suburbs.

Long Bay represents one of New Zealand’s few examples where land use planning and catchment management planning have been developed simultaneously. The fundamental principle underlying all decisions was to build a new urban environment that struck the right balance between an efficient use of land, whilst maintaining and enhancing a the natural environment.

The streets are designed as an integral part of a ‘treatment train‘ where stormwater flows through more than complementary treatment methods before flowing into the wider environment. The streets incorporate water sensitive stormwater treatments such as rain gardens, which are an integral part of the landscaping.

Long Bay is also designed as a seamless, integrated extension of the northern end of the East Coast Bays. The streets are a connected network with a hierarchy of roads, each designed to fulfill a particular purpose. 

The streets are designed as attractive public places that consider the needs of all road users. The street and pedestrian network ensures easy access to a wide range of amenities and open space, and will become a positive space where people will meet, play and travel.​