Regent Park


A good example of a medium density social housing development showing a range of different housing and apartment options. All buildings respond to a complicated site, and demonstrate excellent building design and well articulated facades.

Project Summary

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This is a social housing development undertaken by Wellington City Council as part of an upgrade to their housing portfolio. The site had previously contained social housing but was deemed not fit for purpose.

The site is approximately 6500sqm and is internal to a block with one vehicle access way and two pedestrian access ways connecting to the wider neighbourhood.

The centre of the site is a topographical low point within the block and due to an unstable geological condition, ground water is close to the surface, making this area is not suitable for building.

This has led to the buildings being placed around the edge of the site, with a range of typologies: 4 bedroom houses, 3 bedroom townhouses and apartments.

The centre of the site is landscaped with gardens as part of a storm water retention system.

The architecture is contemporary, and of a modest scale. Elements such as balconies and the position of windows and doors provide each building with an attractive face to the central communal space. This is further helped by a variation of building heights and setbacks which adds to the distinctive character of the development.