Capers Building


An example of mixed-use medium density development, accommodating residential units, retail and commercial space enhancing the street life of an established resident area through a continuous retail street frontage and scaled relationship to surround houses.

Project Summary

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Capers Building is a successful infill project on a site previously occupied by a motor car dealership. The development provides a high-level local amenity at the centre of a vibrant neighbourhood centre surrounded by single family houses. 

The site  is rectagular site has a long frontage to West 4th Avenue, but is relatively narrow across the site. The rear of the site fronts a sevice lane, and is adjacent to 2-3 storey residential developments.

The ground floor has retail outlets, that includes cafes and restaurants, fronting West 4th Avenue, enhancing the street life and local amenity in this local centre. The first floor accommodates offices, accessed from two semi-public courtyard spaces. The top 2 floors accommodates 78 residential units planned to maximise sun from the south (street side) and views over Vancouver harbour to the north. Basement parking is provided. 

The development intensity was supported by Commercial District Zoning zoning (C3A and 3B) that permits retail, commercial and residential usages as corridor development on subdivisions adjacent to West 4th Avenue. Subdivisions beyond those adjacent to West 4th Avenue retains lower densities in the surounding single family housing areas. 

The Capers Building is a successful example of incresing density by skillful integration within the surrounding lower density residential neighboutrhood and existing retail shops on the oppsite side of West 4th Avenue.    ​