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Residential, business and Auckland-wide checklists

Residential checklist – RC 6.4.16 [Word document 130KB] 

Business checklist – RC 6.4.18 [Word document 121KB] 

Auckland-wide checklist – RC 6.4.19 [Word document 113KB]

Business city centre, open space and rural checklists 

Business city centre checklist – RC 6.4.20 [Word document 116KB]

Open space checklist – RC 6.4.21 [Word document 119KB]

Rural checklist – RC 6.4.22 [Word document 118KB]

Rural and urban subdivision checklists

Subdivision rural checklist – RC 6.4.23 [Word document 104KB]

Subdivision urban checklist – RC 6.4.24 [Word document 106KB]  


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