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This design introduces two single-storey whare (1 x one bedroom and 1 x two bedroom) within the rear yard of an existing single-storey 3-bedroom suburban whare. With this increased density the site is able to easily accommodate 12 whanau members permanently within the three whare.

Design Tuarua maintains the height and scale of the existing front whare (and neighbouring whare) to ensure the entire development fits comfortably within the neighbourhood. A communal grassed area and covered outdoor area has been designed to link all three whare.

Care has been taken to keep vehicular access and parking spaces (x4) to the south and separate from outdoor play areas. North- and west-facing roofed patios allowed for sheltered circulation between the existing and new whare while dining areas within each of the whare focus out to the large north-facing grassed courtyard. While design emphasis has been placed on encouraging communal outdoor activity, both major whare maintain sunny private outdoor withdrawal areas.

The small whare would be suitable for grandparents or a young couple, or equally for a sole parent who is able to receive whanau support while maintaining a level of independence.

Raised bed gardens and fruit trees help to maximise the productive use of yard areas while allowing easy supervision of open space / tamariki play areas.

The provision of three, two and one-bedroom whare in this design allows for flexibility in accommodating changing occupancies over time as whanau and member needs and circumstances change.

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