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Design Outcome

​​Work with mana whenua to identify, protect and conservesites of cultural significance, including wā​hi tapu. Incorporate appropriate interpretation, design items, or artworks which connect visitors with our Maori identity, heritage and culture.

Bring Taiao (natural environment) back into urban spaces

Explore opportunities to integrate physical or symbolic elements of the natural environment to celebrate Auckland's unique natural environment and the spiritual connections and relationships that Maori have with the land. These elements will enable local communities, city dwellers and tourists to experience this important aspect of Auckland, and understand the close connections Maori have with the environment.


Do this by:

  • researching  the native plants or environment that once naturally occurred in the area, and incorporating them into the design
  • engaging with mana whenua to discover more information on the history of the area
  • integrating the art work of a local Maori artist, if budget allows
  • using interpretive signage to tell local stories, histories and connections to the place​


Better Design Practice

Rules of Thumb

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