Western Park


Upgrades which included the addition of sympathetic modern art, restoration planting and weed removal have done wonders to revitalise on of our city’s oldest and most beloved historic heritage parks.

Project Summary

​​​​One of Auckland's oldest parks dating back to the 1800's, Western park occupies a coffin-shaped wedge of land bounded by residential properties and roads. It is a vast yet hidden green space with a landform which drops significantly from Ponsonby Road, and has a defined valley running through the centre.

Redevelopment of the park was undertaken in 2000 and included a number of upgrades including tree planting along the Ponsonby Road frontage, improving access, removing weed infestations, installing interpretive signage and planting native species throughout the park. A key outcome of this process was the completion of a maintenance and enhancement plan for the park, which will help to ensure the park is well-maintained over time.

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