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​​​​Prior to undertaking the site analysis, it is recommended that the project team meets to develop project objectives. 

​This will set aspirations as well as the minimum requirements for a project in addition to statutory requirements. This should be informed by the WSD objectives introduced in Section B, including:
  • Reduce stormwater runoff - reduce stormwater runoff volume and peak flow to predevelopment levels
  • Manage stormwater quality - manage stormwater quality to avoid adverse environmental effects
  • Minimise soil disturbance - minimise sediment in stormwater runoff, especially during construction, and protect site soil resources from modification
  • Promote ecosystem health - Promote the health of regional ecosystems and their associated environmental services through the management of stormwater at the catchment and site scale
  • Deliver best practice - deliver best practice urban design and broader community outcomes as part of stormwater management delivery
  • Maximise return on investment - achieve maximum value from stormwater management through the consideration of a broad range of benefits​

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