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​​​​​​​New Zealand and international literature highlights significant cost savings and higher social, financial and environmental returns from WSD approaches to land development (Shaver, 2010b; MacMullan & Reich, 2007; Water by Design, 2010). 
This is an effective response to stormwater discharge consents and the Auckland Long-term Plan (LTP) processes, which consider financial and broader economic attributes to inform funding priorities. Financial incentives are also an important driver for land development professionals seeking a return on investment. 

The discussion below seeks to inform financial decision-making for WSD in the following ways:

  • ​​​​​​​​Provide perspective on the costs and savings of WSD 
  • Review the broad return on investment of WSD approaches 
  • Review potential ways to analyse the economics of WSD (using a total economic values framework or extended cost-benefit analysis including consideration of provisioning, regulating and cultural benefits)

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