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​​​​​AGD Above-ground detention 

ARC Former Auckland Regional Council 

ARI Average recurrence interval 

AT Auckland Transport 

ATCOP Auckland Transport Code of Practice 

BOD Biological (biochemical) oxygen demand 

BPO Best practicable option 

CDP Comprehensive development plan 

CMP Catchment management plan 

CoP Code of Practice 

CPTED Crime prevention through environmental design 

CREAMS Chemical, runoff and erosion from agricultural management systems 

CSO Combined sewer overflow 

DBH Department of Building and Housing 

DOC Department of Conservation 

ERO Education Review Office 

ESCP Erosion and sediment control plans 

FTW Floating treatment wetland 

GD Guideline document 

GIS Geographic information systems 

HNZC Housing New Zealand Corporation 

ICMP Integrated catchment management plan 

IPTED Injury prevention through environmental design 

LCC Life cycle costing 

LENZ Land Environments of New Zealand 

LGA Local Government Act 2002 

LID Low impact design (NZ) or low impact development (US) 

LIDAR Light detection and ranging contour mapping 

LIM Land information memorandum 

LTMA Land Transport Management Act 2003 

LTP Long-term plan, formerly referred to as a Long-term Council community plan (LTCCP) 

MoJ Ministry of Justice 

MfE Ministry for the Environment 

NDC Network discharge consent 

NIWA National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research 

NPS National policy statement

NES National environmental standards 

NZS New Zealand Standard 

NZTA New Zealand Transport Agency 

PAHs Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons 

PAUP Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan 

RMA Resource Management Act 1991 

RUB Rural-urban boundary 

SCP Sustainable Catchment Programme 

SEV Stream ecological valuation 

SF Surface flow ​

SMP Stormwater management plan 

SSF Subsurface flow 

SuDS Sustainable urban drainage systems 

TP Technical publication 

TR Technical report 

UV Ultraviolet 

WMP Watercourse management plan 

WSD Water sensitive design 

WSUD Water sensitive urban design​​

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